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I made this website to present a part of my work and myself. All that is presented here is in free access so anyone can get interest in, or used what i have done. Enjoy;

Short presentation

I am Vincent Samy, a current PhD. student at LIRMM1 , Montpellier, France. I work on safe falls for humanoid robots, or 'how to control the robot so that it does not smack the ground too hard'. As a fall is a relatively fast event (<1s), i have made a point of honor to develop on-line algorithms. The main contribution of my thesis is, without doubt, the adaptive qp that enables to tune the motor's PD-gains on-line in order to comply to the impact.

Research outputs

Through my different experiences, i have been working on diverse subject. From the manipulability of hybrid actuator to humanoids control and more particulary, safe falls. I have worked in laboratories like the complex mechanical system engineering laboratory at Kobe university2, Japan, the LIST3 at CEA4, France, ISIR5 of the Pierre et Marie Curry university, France, and lastly, the Lirmm.

Github repository

Through the years i have developed different tool to help me for my PhD. but also for fun. I drop on my github repository all libraries I can upload freely.